The Very Boring Rally

2018 Aerostich Very Boring Rally - 35 Years

Celebrate 35 years of Aerostich this summer at our world headquarters in Duluth Minnesota, Friday August 17th thru Sunday August 19th!

There will be good food, presentations, a collectible T shirt and rally pin, factory tours and a souvenir booklet. Lots of in-store-only discounts, too. Camping is available at Duluth’s commercial campgrounds**, the nearest about three miles away. Awards for motorcycle poetry reading, oldest/youngest/farthest-distance rider, sorriest-looking bike and worst worn-out Aerostich suit. Top door prize a complete gear wardrobe worth over $3,000.

$35 registration gets you full access, food, entertainment, VBR4 pin, t-shirt and some other swag plus a chance to win dozens of lesser door prizes.

  • Aerostich’s 35th Anniversary.
  • Moto-related foolishness a-plenty.
  • Four times as boring as 2013’s VBR 3.
  • Seven times as boring as 2008’s VBR 2
  • Twice as boring as 2003’s VBR 1
  • Collectible VBR 4 swag.
  • A Mr. Happy Puppet reunion.

All the Duluth area’s summer pleasures and amenities are still here for your amusement, entertainment and pleasure, including the worlds biggest white sand freshwater swimming beach (six miles long) and eight micro-breweries (including a great one only a block down the street). There are plenty of great roads and interesting places to ride and explore. Dry, sunny, warm weather guaranteed.

* VBR’s 2 and 3 (our 25th and 30th anniversaries) were held at a local ski resort and featured a World Cup Observed Trials and on-site camping. Everything at this summer’s VBR 4 takes place in and near the Aerostich factory, and at nearby parking lots. Times change.

** Nearby campgrounds include Spirit Mountain (2.3m) and Indian Point (2.1m). Hotel information is here.

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