The Very Boring Rally

2013 Aerostich Very Boring Rally - 30 Years

Very Boring Rally 3

The Very Boring Rally 3 will be August 23-25, 2013, at Aerostich World Headquarters and the nearby Spirit Mountain Resort in Duluth, Minnesota. Attend the thirtieth anniversary celebration revelry and join with the usual assortment of happy-campers, malcontents, curmudgeons and dorks. Good-times, both planned and impromptu, will be had by all who attend…with a few top-secret surprises in the works, too! There will be on-site camping, celebrated national entertainment, great food (BBQ dinner), an on-site National Championship Observed Trials, guided area riding tours, games, and lots of prizes and awards - for motorcycle poetry readings, the oldest/youngest/farthest distance riders, and much more. Even an award for the sorriest bike ridden to the party, and one for the most worn-out Aerostich suit. Come celebrate 30 years of Aerostich nonsense and RiderWearHouse Catalog mischief.

Join us at the VBR3 for:

  • Aerostich’s 30th Anniversary.
  • Moto-related activities a-plenty.
  • Food, fun, friends, foolishness.
  • Big fancy-ass door prizes and other such hoo-ha.
  • Campfires, Cocktails, ‘n Smores. (mmm…)
  • Three times as boring as the 2008 VBR II.
  • ‘Collectable’ VBR 3 swag.
  • Mix with the famous and the foolish – at the exact same time.
  • A Mr. Happy Puppet reunion.

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