The Very Boring Rally

Travel plans

Travel plans

I will be leaving for Duluth from Central definite route planned yet, but likely through Canada/north shore of superior or else across the upper peninsula. No passenger this trip, so if anyone is looking for a road companion, let me know...

Bob mc allister

Indianapolis area

Anyone out there going to the VBR from Indy? Planning on leaving Wed. Evening after work.

Leaving from Columbus, IN

I'm traveling up from Columbus, Indiana. But I'm not planning on leaving until Thursday morning and arriving early Friday morning. But nothing written in stone.

leaving from Dubuque, IA

Any KLR riders going? Taking Route from Dubuque to Duluth on/off road one way and great rive road on way home but flexible.

KLR riders

there should be a bunch of KLR riders there. there were lots of them at VBR 2 I have since upgraded tho.

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