The Very Boring Rally

Contests & Prizes

Join in on the fun (and maybe win some things) with these contests:

  • Fastest rider to put on/take off a Roadcrafter suit
  • Oldest/worst Roadcrafter suit
  • Oldest/worst Darien suit
  • Farthest traveled to the rally
  • Oldest person attending
  • Youngest person attending
  • Smallest bike ridden to rally
  • Largest bike ridden to rally
  • Oldest bike ridden to rally
  • Coolest Campsite
  • Winners of ride event

Door Prizes (This is an incomplete list...there will be some

MZ TS 250

1st Place:

Priceless collectible Spagthorpe-type Antique Motorcycle

2nd Place:

Two Roadcrafter or Darien suits

3rd Place:

One Roadcrafter or Darien suit

4th Place:

One Kanetsu AirVantage liner or vest

$50 Gift Cert

5th - 10th Place:

$50 Aerostich Gift Certificate

$30 Gift Cert

11th - 20th Place:

$30 Aerostich Gift Certificate

$20 Gift Cert

21st - 50th Place:

$20 Aerostich Gift Certificate