The Very Boring Rally

2008 VBR 2

The Latest News

Very Boring Rally 3 planning is in full-swing! Our 30th anniversary celebration will be 3 times as boring as the 2008 VBRII! Register now and make plans to join us...

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The Panoramic Group Photo

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This photo can be purchased in different formats on the Aerostich website.

Thanks for coming to the Boring Rally! Yaaay!!!

What happened at the Very Boring Rally?

  • Seminars and forums were held on riding topics
  • Plenty of door prizes, contests, awards, and activities
  • Great live entertainment
  • RiderWearHouse catalog vendors displayed their goods
  • The final round of the 2008 USA Championship trials series
  • Great food, BBQ dinner, Send Off Breakfast
  • Other food and beverages were available on site
  • Free Wifi on site provided by ClearWire
  • Campfires, cocktails, 'n s'mores (mmmm....)
  • Food, friends, and foolishness
  • Area activities like swimmin' in Lake Superior, and more
  • A Mr. Happy Puppet reunion

Who was at the Boring Rally?

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